7 Ways to Organize Your Home Office (Even if You Don't Have One)

Organizing your home office can seem impossible. I know. If you’re on my email list, you know I used to have a HUGE PROBLEM with it, and that I was a certified Office Supply Hoarder. The thing about home offices is, they’re often hidden behind closed doors. And since they aren’t part of the main

How I escaped a meltdown and organized my kitchen

To save money, I started visiting my local health food store and bought EVERYTHING in bulk. Almond meal, coconut flour, chia seeds, oats, every type of nut you can imagine…I even scooped up a ridiculous amount of loose leaf green tea in there. The downside of my penny-saving bulk buying? Pantry chaos.

3 time-saving kitchen hacks, using things you probably already own!

This is a guest post by Barbara Fernandez, the Raw Rock Chick. Do you have a story or tips to share with So Damn Domestic readers? I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I pass the ‘convenience food’ aisle in the supermarket (aka frozen ready-meals), I often catch myself smiling (smugly, if I’m honest).

Do you have a living room furniture arrangement problem? Renter? Got kids? Dog? Awkward space? This family has done it all. Here’s how.

You love your kids. You want them to be creative, to explore the world, to use their imaginations. You want them to learn, make connections, and grow. You want to encourage their interests, support their passions, and broaden their horizons. And for many families, the playroom is where it all goes down. But there’s a

Real-Life Garage Organizing Ideas

A garage can easily be a Last Holdout. Ours definitely was. What’s a Last Holdout? Those are the spaces that stay messy, unsorted, disorganized, basically unusable long after the rest of the house is under control. Our garage used to be lined with boxes of things to sell at a future yard sale, totes full of

declutter your craft materials

I’m so so so so so excited that Laura asked me to be a regular contributor on her blog, I’m an Organizing Junkie. She’s fantastic to work with, and her entire website pretty much rocks my socks. So, here’s my first post on her blog as an official contributor!  5 Simple Steps for Taming Your

Mar 10 2014
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wrangle your contacts

A place to keep business cards and other contact information before you’re ready to enter it into your official address book.

a place to record your genius and mental mush

I write down contact information, grocery list items I think of at random times, notes from meetings I attend, great ideas, and other mental mush.

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