Bowtie Ballet (pasta dish)

This dish was a cafeteria success story when I was at Winthrop University. My friends and I looked forward to the days the pasta station served up freshly made Bowtie Ballet with eager hearts and anticipatory stomachs. In fact, we marked those days (about once every six weeks) on our calendars, complete with little pink hearts and confetti.

When I was doing my field experience in a preschool classroom, I left early (just missing lunch with the other teachers, not any time with the kids) on bowtie ballet days so that I could have lunch with my bowtie-loving friends. We always had it for dinner, too. And SOMEtimes… we’d even sneak it out of the cafeteria in concealed Glad-ware containers.

Have I established how delicious this meal is? It’s fantabulous, in case you haven’t figured it out yet.

First, cook some bacon in a pan until it’s crispy. Let it drain on some paper towels. Leave the grease in the pan.Continue reading