This October, Henry and I attended the 2016 ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegs, NV. Here are all of the awesome baby gear, toys, and brands we saw!

This October, Henry and I attended the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegs, NV. Here are all of the awesome baby gear, toys, and brands we saw!

As soon as we walked in, I knew we had made the right choice. The restaurant smelled delicious, and the decor was super cute, thoughtfully decorated, and with pops of lime green without even one alien/UFO reference. The kind of place locals who are a bit tired of the Roswell claim to fame would love to hang out.

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve also been following our road trip… after over a week of basically living in the car, I really wish we had taken the BISSELL LiftOff part with us… the car wash vacuum hose doesn’t get in all the nooks and crannies in the car seats, and it looks pretty greusome in there.

We will absolutely look for Drury Inns from now on, hoping to find them in the cities and towns where we need to stop along our trip. We had never heard of Drury hotels before this road trip, so in case you hadn’t either, I thought I’d write this up. Rarely has a hotel stay been so pleasant!

I would definitely recommend Greek Islands if you’re visiting Flagstaff and like Mediterranean food. Just don’t go when you need to get toddlers into bed quickly.

We’re going to be on the road for THREE MONTHS. If you hang out with me in person, you know my car is basically already another home. The kids and I go a lot of places together, and I make sure to have changes of clothes, diapers and extra underwear, toys, books, potties, wraps/slings/carriers, snacks, and so on.

When I opened another paper shipping envelope and this fell out, I might have gasped a little. How scandalous! With so many paleo books focusing on ultimate health and fitness, to see an entire book devoted to chocolate seemed almost sinful. Kelly Brozyna of The Spunky Coconut has created a masterpiece here, with The Paleo

The kids and I have gone to several of these awesome mom-and-me style yoga classes at the Hanford Yoga Center. I want to spread the word so that YOU won’t miss out. Hopefully someone searching for kids’ activities in Hanford or Lemoore will find this, and give it a try!

I was absolutely psyched to open my mailbox and find Tammy Credicott’s latest book, Make Ahead Paleo. I love preparing healthy and delicious food for my family, but meals I can freeze or even just toss in the fridge knowing they reheat well? They have a special place in my heart.

Sep 03 2013
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“Nothing says Meow like a cat eye.”
…except for a cat mouth?

Bill Staley’s SUPER CLEAN PHOTOGRAPHY makes the book. Makes it. It changes fermentation in my mind from some disgusting, dank, dark, stinky, moldy endeavor into a refined, safe, and clean practice.

This week’s cookbook review had me walking out of the grocery store with bags full of artichokes, tomatoes, cured meat, and mushrooms. I could tell it was going to be a delicious week.

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