How to organize your life with a household notebook - seriously, everyone needs one of these.

I struggled to motivate myself to complete chores as simple as doing the dishes and vacuuming my carpets. My pets and kids took over my home so much that my sister-in-law made comments about it. But my household notebook is saving me and getting me back on track. Here’s how.

How to do meal planning / menu plan even when you and your partner both work full-time. This is something so many other sites overlook!

Working full-time and running a household can get a little crazy.

Meal-planning should score a high priority on your to-do list, and there’s a simple household trick to keep the workload fair, easy, and diverse when preparing your dinners for the week.

How Upside-Down Lists Can Save Your Sanity

There are days when you need to make a list to be organized and stay accomplished. There are also days when you need to write upside-down lists after your accomplishments.

And that is okay.

A (Real) Day in The Life of a Stay at Home Mom

A day in the life of a stay-at-home-mom varies SO much. It depends on the mama, the kids, the family, where they live, what their schedule is like, if dad is home or not, how much he helps, and so on… For my family, it varies a ton depending on kids’ moods, whether my husband is

3 Morning Routine Mistakes - Are You Sabotaging Your Day?

If I start my morning with a happy, productive hour or two, I know I’ll have an awesome day overall, no matter what happens. It’s just true. If you read blog posts or books about what happy people or successful people do, almost every one of them will tell you that type of person wakes

How and Why I started a morning productivity hour, and how it helped me find FREEDOM. Every homemaker needs this in her life.

This is a guest post by Christina Nelson, a collage artist, crafty dabbler, and my mom. Do you have a story or tips to share with So Damn Domestic readers? I open my eyes… which admittedly takes a while… and I reach for my iPad, first thing. PINTEREST. And I browse through art technique videos

do more and stress less with 3 alternatives to your to do list

Are you a “list person”? Do you know a “list person”? I’m a list person, and I used to live by lists. Used to. I loved Epic Itemized To-Do Lists especially. I got a thrill when I saw a long page full of activities and tasks that I planned to accomplish. I would sometimes categorize

Menu Planning - Are you making these 3 mistakes?

Menu planning is a great way to get ready for your week. On grocery day, you’ll have a list of everything you actually need to buy (and nothing you don’t). Each day, you will know exactly what to prepare and cook. And every night, your family will gather around your table and be able to

improve your week with these 5 simple weekend actions

Monday’s coming. Feeling anxious? I’ve been there. Dinnertime rolls around and we realize we forgot to thaw the meat for the day’s meal. Or when our kids ask, “What are we doing today?” we’re not exactly sure what to tell them. As someone who works from home, it’s always apparent to me whether or not

Check out my guest post at Extraordinary Mommy about how to never run out of ideas for your kids’ lunches. Ever. It’s my step-by-step guide to figuring out what to feed the kids in general, getting them involved so they have a sense of ownership, and how to use the system on a daily basis to

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