The Glass Storage Containers that changed my (kitchen) life.

I thought I would be in kitchen bliss when I changed to glass food storage containers. I was wrong. The old ones I had were totally lame. Then I found the BEST glass food storage containers, and my (kitchen) life changed.

How to Have a Clean Home (Without doing any work at all)

Of course, if you want a clean home, you’re going to need to clean it… eventually. But how can you keep it clean the longest, in between? Here’s how to have a clean home WITHOUT doing any of the work.

15 minute tidy - how to organize kitchen spices and herbs

This post contains affiliate links. So, you’re in the kitchen, cooking, and you reach over to your spices to grab the garlic powder… and… can you grab it? Or are you digging through cinnamon, cumin, and coriander to find it? Do you have spices clogging up the works? Herbs you haven’t used in years? Bottles

Your Husband's Closet - How to Help Declutter & Organize It

Today, I helped to declutter and organize my husband’s closet – at his request. So much fun and we got it looking AMAZING together. Here’s how we did it.

10 Simple Things Happy Homemakers Do Every Day

Most of us know other homemakers who always seem to be cheerful, even when things are chaotic. What daily habits do these happy homemakers have in common?

11 toys minimalist families love and 3 types to avoid

Even minimalists’ kids have toys… here are 11 that stand the test of time, and 3 types to avoid at all costs.

Are you decluttering? Here are 3 questions to help you decide what to KEEP!

The internet is full of “What to get rid of” questions. What about What to KEEP? Here are 3 fresh decluttering questions that get right to the heart of it.

A (Real) Day in The Life of a Stay at Home Mom

A day in the life of a stay-at-home-mom varies SO much. It depends on the mama, the kids, the family, where they live, what their schedule is like, if dad is home or not, how much he helps, and so on… For my family, it varies a ton depending on kids’ moods, whether my husband is

7 Things to Organize Before Baby Arrives

Here’s a real-life checklist of 7 things to organize before baby arrives. You don’t need a list of 101 things to do. This is basically it. Stay sane.

Organizing - 3 Things I Learned From a Trip to the Museum

My family loves to visit museums. We visit aviation museums, science museums, children’s museums, art museums, and more. After we went to the Calvert Marine Museum in Maryland, my 2-year-old son sobbed in his car seat, “I just want to go to anovver museum. I don’t want to go to lunch. I want to go to anovver museum.”

Teach Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms ... Every time you ask. (Without threats, bribes, or punishments.)

Kid Stuff. It’s everywhere. Toys and books litter the living room floor, clothes are all over their bedrooms, and somehow there’s garbage mixed in with everything. Food wrappers, scraps of paper, pieces of trash that look to your child like they could be “something” with just a little bit of glue, glitter, and ribbon added.

What's your cleaning style? Here are the 5 types, and how to create a cleaning routine that works the best for YOU.

There isn’t really one right way to clean. Some of you might be frustrated about that. I understand. I’m the kind of person who likes to do things the Right Way whenever possible. I always liked school rules and guidelines, etiquette books that instructed me in the one correct way to eat a piece of

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