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Day 7 of 30 Day Clutter-Free Countdown - Quote about Decluttering

Decluttering Tip of the Day

As you finish each space, commit to keeping it clutter-free.

Whether it’s your entire bedroom, or just the surface of a shelf that tends to “catch” clutter… once you clear it, don’t let it revert.

You might just want to start small – the hall bathroom, maybe? After every time you use the rest room, make sure you grab anything that’s “drifted” into the room as you exit. Put it back where it belongs. Every time.

Or make sure you clear the dining room table before and after every meal. Get into the habit of keeping it clear as a default.

Or, if you want to go a little bigger, make your bedroom a haven. Once you’ve gotten all non-bedroom items removed, and you’ve decluttered your wardrobe, books, and whatever else you deem bedroom-worthy, keep it that way. If the kids bring toys in, be sure they take their toys with them when they leave. Never walk into your bedroom holding the mail or a craft project or any other random things.

Little by little, these spaces will grow! And in a while, your entire house’s default “setting” will be clutter-free.

If you need help creating habits that stick (like putting things away when you’re finished with them, and keeping spaces clear), be sure to check out My Best Year Ever, my course on reaching your goals through effective and efficient habit development. Watch my video on that page to see before and after shots of my own house – having the right habits makes a huge difference!

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5 Comments on 30 Day Clutter Free Countdown – Day 7

  1. Isabelle K. says:

    I am so onto this challenge !I’ve really had enough of the mess around the house ! Thank you so much Emily for all the wonderful guidance and encouragement !!!
    Today we got rid of some huge appliances which were crowding our basement ever since we moved into our house 9 yrs ago !we called 1800 GOTJUNK and they came the same day and took an old washing machine, dryer, air conditioner, water tank, kid’s old ikea bunk bed, and a dog crate. these were the biggest items to go and we feel so much better but, we still have a long way to go. All I want to do now is DECLUTTER everyday !!!!!

  2. Caroline S. says:

    I absolutely love your tips! ♥
    You have no idea how much this group has grounded me and made me a de-clutter machine! I’m so grateful to have found this site and project of 30 days!

  3. Bonnie says:

    Hello, Emily!
    Thank you for the encouragement. I have been SLOWLY digging my way through my office-sewing-scrapbooking-craft room and have successfully ditched 2 bags of goodwill items from my car as well as bags of paper! I was even able to shred paperwork (helps me not to retrieve it JUST IN CASE I MIGHT NEED IT if it has found its way into the shredder.)I am still plugging away and it’s nice to know others are too. Thank you!

    • Sharyl says:

      Bonnie I am also working on our office, scrapbooking room—last night I got 112 pens the did not work, ugly paper I would never use and general clutter.

      Fired up to keep going on it more tonight!

      I have to tell you all…..I have made a donation every single day to the goodwill. It’s close and I just think get it out and don’t look back. The fellow at the drop off said to me….”you here again???” LOL He said, ” “do you have anything left at your house.” LOL

  4. michaela says:

    Hi Emily!
    Thank you for your encouraging quotes and enthusiastic support! You and your other followers have made the last 7 days unstressful, doable and not as overwhelming as I first imagined prior to starting!
    Instead of dreading this journey, I am excited to see it through to the end!
    Thank you for all the tools to assist! You’re a Blessing!

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