This is our normal right now. This is our home. When we’re out, we don’t say we’re going “back to the hotel.” We’re going home. Or back to our apartment.

The library on base is our library. This kitchen is my kitchen, where I can nourish my family. We all sleep in the same bedroom here – our bedroom. There is now children’s art taped to our walls, and painted pumpkins decorate the end table. We’re finding local places we love to visit during the week, and having adventures on the weekends.

We’re having such a good time on our adventure.


Have you ever been in a temporary living situation? How did you make the most of it?

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  1. Linda Sand says:

    When the Army was moving us around I had what I called a first box. It contained essentials like toilet paper but also a few nick nacks that helped a place immediately become ours.

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