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The new Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Zoo arrived on my doorstep last week for Anneliese to review, and I set to work assembling it while my daughter looked on, intrigued, and handed me parts and my screwdriver.


There are a lot of steps to the assembly, but it didn’t take too long. It would’ve helped a little if the directions were in color though, because the pictures were so small that sometimes in black and white it was hard to tell which part they were referring to (with the smaller parts only).


Here’s the assembled zoo, looking pretty adorable, even though I generally try to avoid giant plastic toys. There’s something really attractive about this one and I personally really like making the polar bear go down the slide. Anneliese’s favorite part is the swing. She puts animals or the zookeeper in it and rocks them somewhat violently.


Batteries aren’t included, so she played with it for a while without them, before I dug some up. IMG_0504

When I found some batteries, we got to try out the sounds. There is a special button you can put the animals on, and the toy will tell you what the animal is called and then make the animal’s sound (an actual recording of the animal, not a person making the sound, which I thought was great).  Unfortunately, there are other sounds that I’m not as crazy about… the lily pad in the water is a button that makes splish-splashy sounds, which is okay, but the red platform in front of the ticket window has these random songs and sound effects that would get old REALLY fast. I wish there were a way to turn on/off the different sounds separately instead of just one whole-toy on/off switch (which has 2 volume options).


Thankfully though, Anneliese doesn’t seem interested in those sounds. She hasn’t figured out how to put the animal on the special button yet, but she will hand the animals to me for me to do it, and she tries to copy their sounds.

The little grey nest on top is also a button that makes a squeaking sound (mechanical, not electronic) and Anneliese loves playing with that part. It’s a quiet, non-annoying squeak.


This was so cute… she put the lion in the tree, crouched down to look him in the face, said “rooo” (her approximation of a lion sound), and then stood up and patted his head gently. So sweet!


Soooo… maybe after a little more practice, Fisher Price can help send Anneliese to college! Not because the toy will make her a genius, but because of the Animal Sounds Contest.

Submit a video of your child making his or her favorite zoo animal sounds–just like the new Little People® ZooTalkers animals do–and you could win a $10,000 cash prize that may be used toward your child’s education!

The Grand Prize also includes:

– A trip for four to Fisher-Price headquarters for a special photo shoot and an opportunity to have your child featured on a Little People® toy package or website.
– A Zoo Talkers toy prize pack ($100 value) featuring the Animal Sounds Zoo, Safari Truck and Zoo Talkers Animals!

Sounds awesome to me!

Oh, by the way, check out this video and some of Anneliese’s very first steps!!!

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