This post is the third installment in my gWhiz! gDiaper series. In this one, I’ll introduce you to my changing station and procedures for changing a diaper. There are countless ways to arrange your own space, but I know that this is the sort of thing I love to read — peeks into people’s organization, a look into their purses or refrigerators, that sort of thing. So I figured someone out there might also like to read this sort of post.

Our changing table is simply the top of our long low dresser from IKEA. I didn’t want a whole separate piece of furniture for this purpose, because eventually Anneliese will be out of diapers and she will still be able to use this dresser for a very long time, while everyone else’s changing tables will languish in their local Craigslist postings.


Up top, I have a little basket with diaper changing necessities:

  • a spray bottle of our homemade wipes solution (water, a bit of witch hazel, a drop of lavender oil, a drop of tea tree oil)
  • baby powder — which I very rarely use
  • cloth-diaper-safe diaper rash cream — which I’ve NEVER used
  • a spice sprinkly jar (from World Market) full of baking soda to sprinkle in the diaper pail to absorb smells
  • a few gRefills for just in case we run out of clean cloth diapers (only happened a couple times) or for when I want to use one (rarely, but sometimes if I’ll be out and about, I’ll use them depending on my mood)
  • my homemade cloth wipes
  • a prepared gDiaper, ready to go. We usually have 2 gDiapers in rotation at any given time — one on Anneliese, and one on the dresser.
  • (on the diaper changing pad) a cloth diaper to serve as a staging area for the diaper changing activity. Much easier to throw in the wash if it gets a bit of poo on it than taking off the whole yellow cover.


In the top-right drawer of the dresser, we keep the inserts — mostly prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers, but a few gCloth (and soon I’ll be making inserts too).


In the next drawer over are the clean gPants with snapped-in liners (that are not currently in rotation), and clean liners.


In the dresser’s bottom-left drawer, I have things I need to access much less frequently.

  • a big bag of baking soda to refill the sprinkly-jar.
  • witch hazel and essential oils for my wipes spray
  • extra bottles of wipes spray (I make up 3 at a time, about every 2 weeks)
  • disposable baby wipes, just in case we run out of cloth (which doesn’t happen now that I’ve made a third dozen) or in case of a particularly messy situation.
  • my “back up” diapers — Thirsties covers.
  • My second wet bag for the diaper pail (for when the “first” is in the laundry)
  • My second wet bag for the diaper bag (for when the “first” is in the laundry)


To the right of the dresser, I have a tall narrow trash bin with a wet bag from Rainforest Babies (which has a neat little cloth tab inside, for putting a few drops of essential oil to help with smells). I also usually have a mesh lingerie bag inside the pail; I tuck the edge of the mesh bag under the elastic of the pail liner, so it’s sort of “suspended” and won’t fall in all the way. The mesh bag is for the gDiaper liners. All the cloth inserts and wipes go into the yellow bag.

Next to that is a trash can for any disposable wipes we may end up using.


To change a diaper, I

  1. Put Anneliese on the changing pad and remove her diaper. Set aside the diaper.
  2. Spray some wipes solution on a cloth wipe, and clean her up.
  3. Let her air dry while I dump the wipe and soiled insert in the yellow pail liner.
  4. If the gDiaper liner is dirty (usually if she pooed), snap it out and put in the mesh bag.
  5. Snap in a new liner if necessary.
  6. Grab the other gDiaper that’s ready to go and put it on Anneliese.
  7. “Stuff” the second gDiaper with a new insert so it’s ready to go.

All of this takes less than a minute. I know it sounds like a lot of steps, but it’s not hard or time-consuming.

The reason we have 2 gDiapers in rotation is because the nylon liner tends to get a little damp and needs to air out between changes. Also, because the liner is breathable, sometimes the pant gets a bit of water-vapor moisture on it and also needs to air/dry between changes.

I’m really excited to share about gDiapers, so if you have any questions about them, feel free to leave them in a comment here and I’ll try to address those curiosities in further posts.

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  1. Love this! Looks a lot like the set up we used with gDiapers. They are really convenient and easy to change.

  2. Your post is already 5 years old but it’s still such an inspiration for me as a soon-to-be ‘Gmom’! A very clear and practical station/routine. Thank you very much!

    • Aw you’re very welcome. Thanks for letting me know! And yes, 5 years later, I’m using gDiapers right now with my new little guy. My setup is a bit different this time, but g’s are still great.

      • Hi my name is Juliana, I’m a complete newbe to cloth. I revelry purchased the everyday G’s and cloth inserts, disposible ones, liners, and a pack of extra pouches. I need help! Bc I feel like I’m going to go crazy with these diapers. The giants is amazingly soft and great but the pouch is terrible. The insert bounches up and doesn’t stay in place at all. I am not sure how to organize myself with this system. I am not sure how to wash everything I wanna love these since I spent so much. Thank you.

        • are you sure you’re using the right size gcloth in the pouch? also, i have a whole post about how to wash them. 🙂 hope it helps.

  3. Do you refer to the gdiaper covers, as “liners” and those are what goes into the mesh bag? I’m just trying to get a handle on how other smart mamas are dealing with cloth diapers.
    I’ve decided to use the Bumgenius diapers when my little sweet pea arrives in May- Elementals for every day use and then 4.0s for nighttime use. The Elementals are all-in-ones, but the 4.0s have removable inserts, so the inserts would go in the wet sack with the Elementals and the pocket covers would go in the mesh bag- if I were to follow your routine? Obviously I will use trial and error to decide what works best for us, but I always like to follow other’s guidelines when I’m just starting out.

    • The gDiaper white waterproof snap-in part go into the mesh bag. I think they used to be called “liners” but now are called “pouches”… since “liners” are now the thin cellulose(?) layer you can put OVER the cloth insert, to make emptying poops into the toilet easier.

      “Inserts” are the absorbent part that soaks up pee… you would NOT want to put those into a mesh bag. Those need lots of room in the washer and dryer to agitate and get really clean.

      Hope that helps!

  4. The prefolds with the white edge look super soft and quilty!! Which ones are they? Are they from GMD? Are they the first ones on the prefold page, medium wide? Do you use them and like them?

    • I think the white ones were the preemie size from GMD, but I’m not sure. Preemie fit great in the XS and S size gDiapers, and are great for doubling in M+. Hope that helps!

  5. I know it’s been like forever since you posted this…buuuut… Where there any adjustments that you made as your child got older? My dd is nearly 15 months and I’m having trouble keeping the items on TOP of the dresser, instead of being kicked onto the floor. I have used your storage suggestions for over a year now. 🙂 This is my absolute favorite post on organizing cloth diapers. I think dd is somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-ish inches in length so should I just scrap the dresser idea altogether and hit the floor? Or am I just missing an awesome idea that you have? Haha!

  6. Great post!! I always find it exciting when I find a post that is exactly what I’m looking for. We have this exact IKEA dresser and we’ll be using cloth diapers when our little one arrives in July.

  7. hi there i was wondering what size prefolds you use for what size g pants

    • Abby, the yellow edge GMD prefolds work great for us! I’ve also read that the orange edge work well. We are using size large gpants right now but I think for the next baby, I will try the orange edge prefolds with the medium sized gpants. The yellow just seemed a *little* too fluffy.

  8. Love your organization!! I was wondering how many total gdiapers in each size you have? The 2 in rotation idea seems like a great idea, but I wondered how often you switch those out and how often you wash the actual covers!

  9. Thank you so much for your reviews. I’m due in May but already wondering what I’ll do for diapers. I’ve been all over the map from sposies to prefolds, etc. I’ve been considering gdiapers, but it’s just so hard to get a good look and idea without the diaper and without the baby! This helped so much. I’m going to give them a try!

  10. I realize its been a while since you posted this… I am currently expecting my first and am working on setting up my gdiaper station. I love all of your posts on gdiapers and this one is especially helpful for me right now. I actually just ordered the same dresser from Ikea and was looking at how I should organize it! I was wondering if you remember where you got the basket with the three compartments on top and the drawer containers? You have such a great set-up! Thank you for sharing it!!

    • I honestly can’t remember but my best guess is a craft store like Michael’s. Hobby Lobby has lots of baskets too!

  11. My biggest problem with the g’s is the damp cover, drives me crazy! I like your idea of rotating 2 at a time to let them air out, but what do you do for this issue when you’re out & about and everything is crammed in a diaper bag?? Love your gStation by the way-incredible! 🙂

  12. Hi, I know this is an older post but I was just wondering how many gdiapers you have, how many snap in liners, and how many cloth, as well as how often you do laundry? We are going to be using the gDiapers when our little one gets here in May.. and trying to figure out how much of it we really need!

    • I have the same question and would love to hear your answer! i’m sold and just trying to figure out how many of each item and size to request on my registry. thank you for the very informative series.

  13. This is fantastic! I love your tips. I am just starting to use gdiapers, and it’s helpful to know how other mommies organize themselves! My baby is a preemie, so I have been using the tiny gpants for the last couple weeks, but she has graduated to the small gpants and had no idea how to manage! Thanks! 🙂

  14. Do you find your liners get stained? I have a little issue with stains (blush). Thanks for any help you can give…

  15. I stumbled across this when googling cloth wipes. I decided to start using cloth wipes, and I am trying to figure out what to do with them when they get gobs of poo on them….do you just throw them into the wet bag or do you dumb the excess off?

    • We’re still in the exclusively breastfed stage, so the poo is water-soluble. It all goes in the wet bag.

  16. Wow-you are so organized, love it! Wish I’d had this sort of set up when bambino arrived 🙂

  17. How did you decide on your recipe for your wipe spray? What does each ingredient do? Thanks for all this great info, soooo helpful!!

  18. How did you decide on your recipe for your wipe spray? What does each ingredient do? Thanks for all this great info, soooo helpful!

    • somehow sent it twice, woops!

  19. I was having the problem with leaking pee constantly even though the back of the insert stayed dry (I have a boy). The trouble turned out to be that since he’s only a month old he still has that bulbous belly so it’s not possible to hike the waist of the diaper up as high as it needs to go. My solution ended up being that I hike up the snap-in liner instead so it actually peeks out above the waistband in front. Haven’t had a leak since! So sometimes you just have to keep playing around with it until you can get a good fit for your baby’s shape.

    Hope that helps!

  20. Question about your diaper pail — do you leave it open like that? Doesn’t it stink? Also, how do you handle the poo diapers? Very neat!

  21. Thank you so much! we just started using gdiapers and im still trying to figure out the best way to store everything, and you gave me some great ideas!! Thanks so much!

  22. Uh I wanted to say “Your gStation” and not “Our gStation”.

  23. Hello,

    I really love our gStation but I have a question : where is the mesh bag ? I don’t see it in the picture…? I think it is a very good idea and I’m interested to do like you 😉

    • It’s not in the photo, you’re right. 🙂
      I just tuck one edge of the mesh bag under the elastic of the wet bag, so it’s suspended in the diaper bin and won’t fall all the way in. Does that make sense?

  24. Love this! We’ve been using gDiapers for a while… but only switched to cloth about 4-5 months ago. BTW, I did find that the gCloth isn’t quite as absorbent as we need, so I’ve been using a combo of g-flappers (from The Nappy Shoppe and the gCloth with a half-insert (and from the Nappy Shoppe) added in front (for a boy). That seems to work well, and we can now go 2-3 hrs between diaper changes depending on how much he’s rank that day.

  25. Thanks for the tour! I am about to have my second and plan to use cloth, right now my 2 year old uses the g-refills. I’m wondering how you wash your cloth diapers to keep them looking white and clean?

  26. I love my gDiapers!

    Another thing I’ve heard folks do for leaks is to reverse the diaper – putting the tabs on the front like a ‘sposie. Sometimes it really helps.

    One thing I do is make sure the gRefill is flat inside after I put it on. Just stick two fingers in and make sure nothing is all bunched up. That prevents pretty much all of her leaks.

    • I mentioned that in the “anatomy” post… but I really do like the tabs in the back because it leaves the front smooth. 🙂

      Good tip on the gRefill thing! Thanks for sharing.

  27. What is the exact recipe for your wipes solution? I just bought a bunch of hemp wipes (no sewing skills whatsoever) — baby’s not here yet, but I’m psyched about using cloth (my sis said she went through >150 disposies in one week with my newborn nephew… yikes!)

    • I don’t have an exact recipe since I don’t really measure it. If I had to guess, I’d say a little less than 2 cups water + 3 Tbsp witch hazel, and 2 drops each tea tree and lavender oils. Shake well and divide among 3 spray bottles.

      Isn’t it crazy how many diapers they use? Yesterday it occurred to me that if my daughter is about 10 weeks old and I have 7 gPants, each one has been used for 240 hours, or about 100 diaper changes.

  28. I was hoping you could tell me why you use the prefolds from Green Mountain instead of gcloth, and which ones they are on the website.


    • Basically the only reason is price. Prefolds are about $15 for a dozen, while gCloth is $60 for a dozen.

      But my husband and I both think the gCloth are nicer, so if you have money to spend (or people who want to buy you gifts) go for that. 🙂 I’m going to be making my own cloth inserts soon (unless gDiapers wants to send me a bunch of gCloth because they love me) so look out for updates on that.

      The prefolds are here: and are the preemie size, unbleached. Newborn size (orange edge) fits into M/L gDiapers, but preemie is great for the S.

  29. Which prefolds exactly are you using and which would I use for the Large g’s? Do they work well for heavy wetters? I’ve been using the gcloth and have only had a leg leak twice but that’s probably because I didn’t pay attention to the leg area when I put it on.

    • The prefolds are here: and are the preemie size, unbleached. Newborn size (orange edge) fits into M/L gDiapers, but preemie is great for the S.

      They work fine but I wouldn’t say they’re anything particularly excellent for heavy wetting. If you wrap a microfiber towel (like the ones sold in car care sections of stores) in the prefold, it will act as a super-absorbent layer (you don’t want microfiber next to baby’s skin though, because it’ll dry it out).

      If you have lots of gCloth, you can make a “hemp sandwich” by putting together 2 gCloths, hemp sides touching. That’ll make a much more absorbent “stuffer” for your diaper which will be good for long naps or nighttime.

  30. I enjoyed a tour of your changing station. Thank you for sharing that. I am Grammie and my kids are all grown- it is interesting to see what new Mom’s are doing these days. Good job and great organizational skills !

  31. I have been using gDiapers for a couple months now and I am not all that pleased (so far I prefer my Bun Genius). They leak all the time, usually out of the legs. We are in mediums, and our daughter is probably around 15-16 lbs now, so the size should be right I think. I have to wash the covers all the time since they get wet and dirty, so they are looking worn really quickly. Any tips?

    • Do you check the legs after you are done changing her? You need to make sure that the elastic is up between the thigh and crotch area (where they meet). Maybe give that a try? I never had issues with my boys leaking there, but I think that may work. 🙂

    • Yes, check to make sure the elastic is in the crease between the thigh and groin area after you put the diaper on (just peek in the edge of the gPant).

      Also make sure you’re not securing the waist too tightly – that will break the seal between the elastic and your baby’s body and cause leaks.

      Some babies don’t fit right into the weight/size suggestions because they’re more narrow or chunkier – if your baby is long and narrow you might give a small a try.

      In any case, if you try a few things and they don’t work for you, contact gDiapers (call or email) and they will connect you with a diaper therapist who can help you troubleshoot more. They have GREAT customer service.

  32. I’ve always been curious about cloth diapering. I have only one friend that does it. We are planning to cloth our next baby whenever we decide to have one.

  33. Mine leak in the front…do you have any idea why. Do I maybe need to put more padding up front since I have a boy?

    • It sounds counterproductive, but try putting them on looser. gDiapers work because the plastic liner creates a seal on your baby’s body. If they’re too tight in the waistband, you break the seal there and they leak.

      If that doesn’t work, it may be time to move up a size. Leaks were our hint to move to mediums. Now that we’re in the bigger size, we haven’t had a leak since!

    • Anneka,

      I had the same issue and did have to use extra padding up front. My two boys pretty much always leaked through until I did that! I would take an extra insert and put it up closer to the front, of if it was a longer one I would just fold it over. I also bought custom inserts that had extra absorbency up front, LOVED EM! You could also try pointing his penis downwards so he pees towards the middle of the diaper, which can help too.

      Hope you find out whats best for you, I know it can be super frustrating when they keep peeing on the covers 🙂

    • I emailed you this last night when my comment wouldn’t post… looks like the same things were already said by Jess and Amber:

      from what i’ve heard/read from others…
      Make sure he’s “pointing down”
      And you can also get half-inserts (cloth) from some places, or if you use gRefills, cut a few in half… and put an extra half in the front for extra absorbency in that area.

      If you continue to have trouble, give the folks at gHQ a call or email – there are diaper therapists (yup) who will help you figure out what the problem is and solve it.

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