I knew before I was pregnant that I would want to use cloth diapers on my children. Why? Was it because I want to Save The Earth and be Super Crunchy, Eco-Friendly and Green? Maybe if I were a better person. But if I’m honest, my main motivation is that whole financial prioritization thing. There’s other stuff I’d rather spend that money on. Not to mention, going to the store week after week to load up on disposable diapers and trash bags (or diaper genie refills) would get old REALLY quickly for me. Plus, I hate taking out the trash. Oh, and they’re way cuter than disposables.


As I researched cloth diapering, I found out there is a whole huge range of fluffy options! There are pocket diapers, fitted diapers with covers, prefolds with covers, all-in-ones, all-in-twos (weird name), one size fits all types, other kinds with incremental sizing, etc.


I thought I’d go with prefolds (with snappis instead of pins) and Thirsties covers. That arrangement appealed to me for several reasons. First, it’s relatively cheap. Prefolds run about a $1-2 each. I’d only need a few snappis, and the Thirsties covers are relatively inexpensive. Other things I REALLY liked about the idea of that diapering system? Thirsties covers are CUTE, and the whole shebang results in a pretty slim diaper, as compared to other puffy/fluffy systems.

When you use prefolds and covers, you don’t have to wash the whole thing every time the kid pees (like you have to with all-in-ones). You just throw the prefold in the diaper pail and reuse the cover. If the cover gets poo on it (which doesn’t happen every time the kid poos), then you need a new one obviously. Because of that, you might only need 6 or so covers if you’re doing laundry every other day. With other types of diapers, you need a couple DOZEN full diapers to last a couple days. And at $20-30 a pop, that adds up!


There was one big problem with the Thirsties/prefolds combo in my mind though. It would be like putting on TWO diapers every time my girl needed a change. First the prefold secured with a snappi, then the cover over it. And since I’ve had experience changing young kids’ diapers all day long (as a nanny) I knew I was going to be spending a significant amount of time on it already. Doubling that time didn’t sound awesome to me. Also, a small factor was that I don’t particularly like the way the Thirsties covers feel (compared to soft cotton fabric).

Edited to add: I discovered you can actually just lay a tri-folded prefold or other insert in the Thirsties cover, and that you do not HAVE to put the prefold around the baby with a Snappi or pins. That makes it a lot more attractive to me, but I still think gDiapers are cuter and feel better.

Enter the gDiaper.


  • It’s cute — there are lots of colors, and you can find prints and ruffled ones, though their current line is only solid colors.
  • It’s relatively inexpensive — you can get 1 gPant for about $18 on their website. If you buy a 2-pack at Babies R Us or Walmart.com, they end up about $15 each, or even cheaper if you have a BRU coupon. Or if you don’t care about the colors as much and just want functionality, you can get a set of 6 (in orange and green), which is really all you need in each size, for only $70. There are also frequently used gDiapers in good condition on eBay at pretty good savings. It’s probably not THE CHEAPEST diapering option out there, but it’s low enough for me (and the cuteness factor weighs heavily when I decide how much to spend on something like this).
  • It’s convenient — the absorbent insert just lays in the vinyl liner; there’s nothing to “stuff” like pockets, and you don’t have to put on what amounts to 2 diapers like with prefolds + covers.
  • It gives you options — you can choose the inserts that fit with your lifestyle. There are cloth inserts (gCloth) and “flushies” (gRefills) which are biodegradable. Some families flush the gRefills; others compost the pee ones; and still others just throw them away (still less waste than regular disposable diapers, and they will break down very quickly if you put them in a biodegradable trash bag). For *cough*cheap*cough* people like me, you can use prefolds in them, which is the least expensive option. Some crafty ladies buy fabric and make their own inserts! And of course, you can use a combination. I’ll probably use the flushies when we travel, but continue to use cloth exclusively at home.
  • There’s less laundry — if baby pees, you only have to wash the absorbent insert. If baby poos, sometimes it will get on the liner (often, and that’s normal) and you’ll just un-snap it and wash that too. Because of this, most people like to have 1.5 to 2 liners per gPant. Usually you can get through a day using only a couple gPants (I have 2 in rotation at any given time, to make diaper changes more streamlined. Occasionally a gPant will get a tiny bit of poo on it, and then it goes into the wash too (or it goes in the wash after a couple days of use if nothing got on it). Because you’re only washing what actually got dirty, there’s a lot less laundry than if you had to wash an entire big diaper for every tiny pee.


Since so many of my friends have expressed curiosity about the gDiapers, I’m going to do a series of gWhiz — gDiapers 101 posts. I’m really excited to share about gDiapers, so if you have any questions about them, feel free to leave them in a comment here and I’ll try to address those curiosities in further posts.

30 Comments on gWhiz! – gDiapers 101 – Why I’m a gMum

  1. dramamama says:

    Thank you for your posts! I have referred to them repeatedly, especially for help with laundering. Great quality photos too!

    My son is 12 weeks and about 12.5 lbs. He leaks through the small size every time. When I change his diaper, I notice that the insert is bunching in the middle, where it gets pinched by his legs. The poop and pee leaks out right there in the center of the diaper. And he gets poop on the gPants almost every time he poops. Any idea why the liner isn’t holding it all? At first, I thought it was because I was fastening them too tight, but even when I make sure I can fit a finger under the gPant, he still leaks. If he just pees, I take out the liner and insert and leave the gPant out to dry before I use it again (like you!). But it seems like I should get more than one use out of gPants if he poops in them. He is too small for the medium size (when I put it on him, the liner isn’t snug enough), so maybe he is just at an awkward in-between-size? Did you have that problem?

    Other than this, I really like gPants, and I’ve already invested in them so I’d rather not give up! Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • Around 12 pounds, a lot of people have that issue, and the solution that works for most of us is to use the small snap-in in a medium g-pant until the kid is about 14 pounds, and then switch to a M/L snap-in in the medium g-pant. I hope that helps solve your issue too!

  2. Amy says:

    I was just wondering if you have problems with leaks at night. I read on one site that they have a leak issue when your baby starts sleeping through the night. Our baby is due in November and I am just want to be prepared. Your other posts have been very helpful by the way. Thank you 🙂

  3. liz says:

    just wondering about the velcro… we are getting our 4 week old out of disposables now that the cord is gone. we have tons of bum genius diapers as we intended on using these all along, but i am attracted to the gWhiz.. they just seem easier and look slimmer. does the velcro wear out for you? we are tight on a budget and don’t want to spend our money on diapers that wear out.
    thanks so much for doing this diaper series, we really trust your opinion!

    • Joyful Abode says:

      If you buy used gDiapers you may get the very old ones (depending on what color and style you get) which had poor Velcro. If that happens just contact gDiapers and they will send you free “sticky side” replacement Velcro. You just need to take off the old and sew on the new. But gDiapers has since gotten much better Velcro and I have had zero issue with it losing stickiness, even through extensive use. Other Velcro diapers I tried would come undone when Anneliese moved very much. GDiapers stayed secured through lots of baby aerobics.

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  5. Parenting: Hair Extensions, Cloth Diapers, and Ron Swanson | A Southern Aesthetic says:

    […] did a ton of research on cloth diapers.  There tons of information is here on Simple Mom and here from a blogger who uses G […]

  6. Cloth or Not……Why I choose to use Cloth Diapers « mamahoodmyway says:

    […] Those are all my pros. Some cons are; yes you do have to rinse out your stinky cloth diapers in the toilet, but we found a very cool diaper sprayer that attaches to our toilet (no more hands in the toilet!) I do do a lot of laundry, but I would have done more anyway, so to me what’s another load!! My 10 month old usually goes through three outfits a day sometimes!! I make sure to wash all of my other clothes in cold water to save on energy cost. Another con, for working mom’s, is that some daycare’s don’t allow cloth…but g-diapers could help out here….they are a hybrid, cloth cover with a disposable liner!! Joyful Abode mom Emily using g-diapers…see why here! […]

  7. Becca says:

    I’ve never used gDiapers but I have used EVERY other type of cloth diaper, literally. I looked at a G diaper in babiesrus one day and it simply didn’t look like it would work. I’m sorry, but it was a little plastic baggie snapped to cotton which is not waterproof, so I’ve never tried them. However, I must say they certainly look darling! But the even bigger reason that I’ve never tried them is that they are not OS diapers. If I’m going to pay more than $10 for a diaper, then it better last me through all the sizes. So I buy pocket diapers and I handsew adn hanknit fitteds with wool covers. I’m actually super addicted to fitteds made of T shirts with a wool cover. It’s amazing for baby’s skin!

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  9. Janine says:

    I’m using our pocket dipes the way you use gDiapers, using prefolds rather than stuffing. That’s really bulky though. I am really drawn to prefolds and covers and I think I will try out g’s as well! Pocket diapers (used as they are designed) really wick away moisture and are GREAT for overnight, but they really break down as you wash them (even though I’ve started hanging to dry only) and washing a whole diaper + 1 or 2 inserts for every pee would REALLY add up. I think I’m still changing Zeb around 12 times a day, sometimes more!

    Love reading about other people’s cloth dipe systems!

  10. Jayde says:

    I too am a gmum and I have to say that I am loving the series that you are doing. Most people don’t realize how easy this systm is and how versital it can be. I like that I can order a case of inserts and they last me for a long time since I use cloth during the day. I only use the inserts when going out or over night, its so nice to be able to take him out and still use cloth. Thanks again for the wonderful articles I am passing them on to my pregnant friends and ones who are considering cloth diapering

  11. Mamatha says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve been having trouble with cloth diapers. I bought about 18 prefolds and 12 AIOs & fitteds. Since my baby is tiny, the prefolds just don’t stay on him yet and I agree it’s twice the work. And the remaining diapers last me just a day. Washing and drying them takes a good 3 hours (with prewash and washing in sanitary mode) – which is a lot of electricity and water if done every day. Right now, I’m using a mix of cloth and sposies. I really don’t want to get into the habit of using disposable ones. gDiapers seem like a good solution because I can use all of those prefolds that I’m not using now.

    Love the first pic – gDiaper should pay you for the pic, Baby A makes for such an adorable model.

  12. Thanks so much for sharing the gLove! My name is Kim and my husband Jason and I are the founders of gDiapers. We are always so humbled by our customers, and appreciate your comitment to both your family and the planet.
    I just wanted to point out one more feature of our little gPants that are unique to gs – our snap in liner is actually made of highly technical BREATHABLE and waterproof fabric. We are the only cloth cover (or any diaper for that matter) that has this level of breathability, which means more comfort for your baby and less diaper rash :0)
    By the way, your daughter is absolutely gorgeous and the photos are brilliant! All the best, Kim

    • rebecca says:

      This series of blogs was what sold me on the gdiaper system! I was already sold by gdiaper’s genius marketing (so cute, so easy, so ecofriendly & versatile) but this first-hand experience was what finally convinced me I could do it! I started with the flushies as my “gateway” into cloth… then once I was certain I could handle the ick factor of the laundry, I made the switch to full-on cloth and have never looked back!

  13. Isfahel says:

    Do you have leaks in them? I cloth diaper and make my own, but I tried g’s once and just didn’t like them, had way too many leaks.

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  15. lauren says:

    I love gDiapers. We’ve been using them since our daughter was 4 weeks. She’s now 11 months. We had been using the gRefills but recently switched to the gCloth.
    After this long we finally have to replace the liners. They lasted longer than I thought they would.

  16. Carrol says:

    We’ve been using gdiapers on my daughter since she was 3 months old and she’s now 1 & 1/2. We use it with the cloth & disposable inserts and it’s really convenient for travel. We also us Mother Ease AIO at home. I’ve found that now she is older, the poop or pee smell tends to linger on the fabric of the gpant and even if the pant itself is not dirty, I will wash it anyway with liner because of the odor. This was not an issue when she was younger.

  17. RobYn says:

    I cloth diapered. Fuzzy Bunz were the best. Amazing.

  18. Edie says:

    Thank you for doing these posts! I’m brand new to cloth diapering, just started on Monday in fact on my nearly 8 month old. I have a very small stash at the moment – a few pockets, 2 covers, and a handful of prefolds. I wanted to try a variety to find out what works best for us. Now you have me wanting to try gdiapers, too! I’m particularly interested in your nighttime diaper strategy. This is the first night I’m trying out cloth, and my little one’s fanny looks massive in a Fuzzibunz with two inserts, just about wouldn’t fit in her jammies!

  19. katie g says:

    I am really interested in how you wash them – what type of detergent you like, what wash cycles you use, what you do with the poop, etc. My baby’s just about to fit into them, and we’ve got about 6gpants, 12 snap-in liners, 12 gcloth inserts and a pack of the flushies. Does that sound like a good set? thanks for doing this, we are so excited to use them!

    • Joyful Abode says:

      I will have a whole post on laundering!
      How old is your baby? Really young ones like mine go through about 10-12 diapers a day, so having more like 2 dozen inserts is a good plan if you want to do laundry every other day. If yours is a bit older, 12 might be fine.

      • katie g says:

        she’s 4 weeks – and she poops everytime i feed her, so you’re probably right about doubling my insert stash! we figured a dozen would be a good starting point, though!

        excited to see the post on laundering… gotta get my strategy ready – she’s just about big enough to get started!

        by the way… i wish gdiapers sold the newborn size a la carte like the oter sizez, don’t you? i would have started with cloth right away, but they were just too big. and i didn’t want to buy the bulk pack that the newborn diapers came in – i wanted to pick my own colors for the gpants 🙂 maybe by the 2nd kid they’ll sell them seperately!

  20. Jennifer says:

    I use a combination of prefolds with Thirsties covers and BumGenius 3.0s. I love them but they are a little difficult to travel with if we will be gone for more than a day. These diapers look like a great option for travelling. I doubt I’ll invest in them at this point since we are soooo close to potty training but if we ever have a third I’ll give them a try.

  21. Jennifer says:

    How is it that it velcros at the back? For us, maybe it would have been good because dd would just roll over mid-change from 12 weeks anyway.

    • Joyful Abode says:

      I think they’re easy to put on. The first day or two requires you to kind of “re-set” your mind if you’re used to front-fastening diapers. But now it’s second-nature.
      Some gMums prefer front-fastening though and just put them on backwards. They work the same either way!

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