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We’re going to be on the road for THREE MONTHS. If you hang out with me in person, you know my car is basically already another home. The kids and I go a lot of places together, and I make sure to have changes of clothes, diapers and extra underwear, toys, books, potties, wraps/slings/carriers, snacks, and so on. (I keep meaning to write a post on all of this.)

Everything has a place, but it doesn’t always mean it all stays where it belongs all of the time. Every week or two, I have to reset everything, and I haven’t done that in a little while. But it only takes a few minutes… just excuse the disorganization in these photos.

But check out the dirtiness. I need to clean it.


Top left – crumbs near a seat belt in the back seat
Top center – a raisin in Joey’s car seat
Top right – an ACTUAL FLY dead on the floor in the center row
Bottom left – there’s gotta be dirt hiding in there
Bottom center – you KNOW there’s dirt and crumbs hiding in THERE
Bottom right – dust always settles in the cupholders

So we’re about to spend a LOT of time in the car. More than we have in years. We’re doing a major cross-country road trip for our military PCS.

Which is why I was pretty excited that a BISSELL vacuum appeared on my front patio from Social Spark. The chamber pops off, so it’s a portable “cleaning pod” which will be MUCH easier to use in the car than the trying to wheel the vacuum all around the car so that I could use the hose to clean. Instead, I can take the pod into the car with me, and just crawl around vaccuming ALL THE THINGS.

The BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Vacuum also has a super long 27 foot cord, and comes with a TurboBrush attachment for the hose, which has rubbery squeegee-like spinning dealies, instead of a normal brush. I can’t wait to try that tool on Zora’s pillow. I hope it works well because it would be awesome for cleaning pet hair off of her favorite “lean against this and rub and shed on it” spots (the sides of the couch, the bottoms of certain curtains, and so on).

If you want to try it out, you can get $20 off, plus free shipping with coupon code POWERGLIDE on BISSELL’s site.

OR you can enter to win their Celebrate Everyday Messes contest to win a new PowerGlide vacuum with Lift-Off (the same one I have) or $50 for whatever you’d like from their site.

Also, be sure to check out BISSELL’s cleaning tips, because reading about cleaning on the computer is a great way to procrastinate when you need to clean.

I’ll be sure to write about how the car cleaning went soon. Do you have any questions about the new vacuum?


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