We’re so lucky to have found such an awesome play group while we have been at Randolph AFB. The group is organized by Janet S., who plans themes for every Friday’s gathering. One week, we had bubbles and chalk to play with. Another week everyone brought their ride-on toys (tricycles, wagons, scooters, and more) for all of the kids to share.

The playdate I’m writing about here was all about painting pumpkins and riding horses. We packed up our pumpkins and caravanned to a nearby stable, where the kids all visited with the horses and fed them apples and carrots. Then, they painted their pumpkins and ran around in the grass together.

Pumpkin Painting

Joey loved playing with the giant gate leading to the paddock area. He kept opening it all the way, then pushing it closed again. I think it made him feel really strong to move such a big thing. Anneliese and the other bigger kids climbed up the little staircase and jumped (or tried to jump) off of it.

Fall Playdate

Everyone got pretty covered in paint, and Joseph gave it a taste. Thankfully (I choose to see it in a positive way), I’ve already called poison control once about a baby eating acrylic craft paint, so I knew he’d be okay and just wiped out his mouth. Playdate at Stables

Even the tiniest babies got a chance to ride the horses!

Pumpkin painting playdate

Anneliese got onto the first horse, so excited to be riding, but as soon as she was in the saddle, she flipped out, crying to be let down. I helped her down and told her how proud I was of her for trying (last year at a Halloween festival, she just watched the other kids on the horses, but had no interest in trying to ride). Then, Joseph had a turn, and when Anneliese saw how fun it was for him to ride all around the loop (and how safe he was), she gave it another try. This time she was completely comfortable and PROUD, and she had a blast.

Thank you so much, N&S Stables! And thank you, Janet S., for arranging the play date! It’s definitely going to be one we remember and talk about for a long time.  wpid10464-10-25-3.jpg


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