These are my favorite appliances, cookware & bakeware, and kitchen tools (coming soon). If you order through these links I will receive a small commission. Thank you so much for your support!

♥, Emily

Kitchen Appliances

my vitamix blenderVitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

I love my blender SO much. I’ve been using it since 2013, and use it almost every day, often multiple times in a day.

I LOVE that it has a self-cleaning cycle, so it’s never a chore to clean up afterward.

cuisinart food processorCuisinart Food Processor

I use my food processor all the time for making cauliflower rice, quickly grating a bunch of veggies, chopping up bacon to mix into my hamburgers (yep, I do), and occasionally to make mayonnaise.

I don’t think the one I have (since 2007) is made anymore… but that just goes to show the kind of quality Cuisinart is all about. It works just as well as the day I got it.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Makercuisinart ice cream maker

It took me a long time to decide to finally buy one, and I’m so glad I did. Making delicious creamy “real food” ice cream on a whim on a hot day is such a treat!

And this machine doesn’t take up too much room in my cabinet or my freezer, which I appreciate.

my beloved spiralizerPaderno Spiralizer

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve used this to make zoodles / zukeghetti / zucchini noodles. That’s its main purpose in my kitchen! But I’ve also used it for some awesome cucumber noodle” salad, curly sweet potato fries, raw beet strings for salads, and more.

I did try a little handheld one that works like a pencil sharpener, hoping to save some cabinet space… it stank. I promptly donated it and kissed my Paderno for being fabulous.

immersion blender

Cuisinart Immersion Blender

Again, the one I actually own isn’t made anymore, and I’ve never had an issue with its performance. I’ve been using it since 2009!

It’s great for beating a large number of eggs for quiches or scrambling for a group. It also served as my smoothie-life-saver while traveling (without my Vitamix), can make mayonnaise easily, and is perfect for blending soups right in the pot. Trust me on this – it’s SO much simpler than transferring to a “real” blender.

I use this little tool ALL the time. And the little part with the blade goes right into the dishwasher, thankyouverymuch.

excalibur dehydrator

Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator

I’ve been using this since 2009. I sprung for the big 9-tray and I’m SO glad I did, because when I dehydrate, I tend to fill the entire thing at once.

Apple chips, dried banana slices, homemade fruit leather, beef jerky that doesn’t have weird ingredients, drying greens for “green powder” for my smoothies, making the BEST potato chips, drying vegetables for later, and even making raw cookies… I’ve done so much with it over the last several years. Now they have one with a timer, which is useful for time-sensitive recipes, but I usually just run mine all night. There is also a smaller (and cheaper) 5 tray version.

A year after I got the dehydrator, I finally added these nonstick sheets for it. I’ve had the same ones since 2010! I use them whenever I dry potato chips, fruit leather, my paleo skittles, raw cookies, and some kinds of fruit.

oxo mandoline slicer

OXO Good Grips Mandoline Slicer

I’ve been slicing with this baby since 2010. Homemade french fries, sliced beets, jicama, and so on… I don’t use it as frequently as some other tools, but when I need it, it’s perfect.

It doesn’t take up much room in my cabinet, it does what it’s supposed to, and it’s easy to clean. My kinda tool.

big berkey water filter

Big Berkey Water Filter System With Fluoride/Arsenic Filters

This baby had been on my wish list for MANY years… we finally saved up and went for it (2015) and it’s incredible.

No wondering what has or hasn’t been filtered out of the water at the bottle refill station. No more PLASTIC bottles. No running out, ever. It tastes fantastic, too. I also bought the stand for it, so that it doesn’t have to sit on the edge of my counter for us to be able to fill our glasses and water bottles.

When I got the Berkey water filter, I also went ahead and got this in-line filter for our fridge so we can have fluoride-free ice, too. Before we got this, I thought our ice tasted “weird” and wouldn’t use it at all… I’m so happy to enjoy ice again! (We had an in-line filter before, but just whatever Lowe’s had… this one is way better.)

yellow kitchen aid mixerKitchen Aid Stand Mixer

I always think people are crazy when they say “since I went grain-free, I don’t have any use for a stand mixer.” I use mine so often!

It’s great for mixing spices into ground beef for big batches of meatballs or burgers, for shredding chicken super-quickly, for whipping cream or coconut cream, and of course for all of my paleo baked goods.

It’s also pretty good for deadlifts and squats. (The color of mine is “majestic yellow” and it is SO pretty. My kitchen sunshine since 2007.)

Cookware & Bakeware

I phased out nonstick cookware from my kitchen a few years ago, and more recently have also eliminated all aluminum. Now everything is stainless steel, glass, cast iron, and a bit of silicone. I feel great knowing that the healthy food I cook for my family isn’t being contaminated by metals or toxins leeching from our cookware.

stainless steel baking sheetStainless Steel Baking Sheets

We’ve recently gone aluminum-free, and these are my newest baking sheets. So far so good! I’ve roasted tons of vegetables on these pans already, cooked seafood, made cookies, and so much more. These are work horses in my kitchen. (I have two.)

stainless steel cooling rackStainless Steel Cooling Racks

These fit inside the stainless baking sheets I have, so that I can cook bacon or other things I want to be able to drain as they cook. They’re also pretty great cooling racks. (I have two.)

stainless steel cake pan

Norpro 9″ Stainless Steel Cake Pans

I have two of these. So far so good! I’ve used them a few times – just put parchment paper in the bottom and butter the sides, and the cakes slide out with no problems.(I have two.)

stainless steel cuisinart multiclad 2 quart pot

Cuisinart MultiClad Stainless Steel 2 Qt Saucepan

After years of cooking with a “set” of nonstick cookware, I finally upgraded to stainless steel. And this time, I bought only the pots and pans I knew I would use and need. This one is great for smaller amounts of soup, sauces, syrups, and so on.

stainless steel cuisinart multiclad 8 quart pot

Cuisinart MultiClad Stainless Steel 8 Qt Stockpot

I use this one for large amounts of soup or for making bone broth (stock). It’s also great for steaming larger things (with a steamer basket inside) like artichokes, or for boiling lots of potatoes, poaching chicken, and so on.

stainless steel cuisinart multiclad 3 quart pot

Cuisinart MultiClad Stainless Steel 3 Qt Saucepan

This size is very versatile and I use it a ton. It’s my go-to for boiling eggs, cooking a normal amount of soup for my family, and most of my general saucepan-y needs.

stainless steel cuisinart multiclad 5.5 quart saute pan

Cuisinart MultiClad Stainless Steel 5.5 Qt Saute Pan with Lid

This one sees a lot of action in my kitchen. It’s great for stir-fry, but also a wonderful pot for one-pot meals, since you can move things around to cook other things, then combine everything together… only dirtying one convenient pot. Lots of surface area is a plus.

stainless steel cuisinart multiclad roasting pan

Cuisinart MultiClad Stainless Steel Roasting Pan With Rack

This pan doesn’t see a lot of action in my kitchen, but for special occasions like Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas, I’m happy I have it around! It’s also great for toasting large amounts of nuts and seeds for granola (just be sure to stir often).

silicone cupcake liners

Silicone Muffin Cups

These muffin cups or cupcake liners are so helpful in my kitchen. I didn’t want to keep using the aluminum muffin tin I had, but the stainless steel ones seemed to all have bad reviews, while stoneware and cast iron only had room for 6 muffins at a time (and they’re HEAVY)

So I got some of these. They take up nearly no room, and when I want to make muffins or cupcakes, I can fit 24 of these onto one of my stainless steel cookie sheets! That means I don’t have to wait to do multiple batches! (6 muffins would last about half a second in my house.)

I’ve tried different brands, and these are the most sturdy and flexible at the same time, which makes it easy to pop the muffins out, and easy to wash the cups. (I flip them inside out before scrubbing with a sponge)

cast iron griddle

Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

We use this at least once a week (usually more) for pancakes on the griddle side. I’ve also used it for making toast (gluten-free bread or Ezekiel organic sprouted bread), cooking eggs, and making sausage. The grill side is great for burgers, steaks, or whatever else you want to grill. I don’t miss my nonstick electric griddle even a little.

cast iron skillet 8 inch

8″ Cast Iron Skillet

I can’t find a brand mark anywhere on mine, but this is basically the same thing, and inexpensive. 8 inches is just big enough to cook a couple of eggs for one person. I like it for making small omelets for the kids, too.

cast iron skillet 10 inch

10″ Cast Iron Skillet

This is also not the exact one I have, but basically the same, and affordable. 10 inches is great for when I’m making pancakes (but not a huge batch) because I can do 3 at a time. It’s also the right size for about a pound of sausage or making bigger omelets for my husband. I use this one for sautéing vegetables, making gluten-free cornbread, and making fritatas in the oven, too.

blue lodge cast iron dutch oven

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron 6 Qt Dutch Oven

I got rid of my crock pot since it had a nonstick coating, and I’m home most of the time I used it anyway. Instead of getting another slow-cooker, I got this to experiment with.

Probably our favorite thing I’ve used it for is a one pot whole-chicken, rice, and vegetables meal I start on the stovetop and finish in the oven. I’ve made pot roast in it, cooked soup, and I’m sure other things too… I’m happy with it, and the blue is so cheerful!

anchor baking dishes

Anchor Basic Glass Baking Pans – 2 Qt and 3 Qt

I’ve had these FOREVER. Which means at least since 2006 but possibly longer. They’ve survived everything. Never cracked, chipped, or failed in any way. I use them often for roasting meat or fish, roasting vegetables, making casseroles or lasagnas, and baking cakes, brownies, and granola bars.

They’re not fancy, but sometimes the good stuff just isn’t.