My #1 Kitchen Organizing Tip (Plus, the no-holds-barred, open-cabinets TOUR)

I loved this kitchen. It was huge, bright, open… the granite countertops let me put hot things down on them or cut directly on them without worrying for their safety. There was plenty of room for my kids to pull step stools over to help me with food prep, or they could work on activities

Take a peek into my organized, bright, open dining room!

Our Maryland open floor plan dining room was a hub of activity, both an extension of our kitchen and an integral part of our living area. Every family dinner was eaten at this table (other than Movie Night dinners). The kids did crafts here. I set up painting or sewing projects for myself sometimes. Other

7 Ways to Organize Your Home Office (Even if You Don't Have One)

Organizing your home office can seem impossible. I know. If you’re on my email list, you know I used to have a HUGE PROBLEM with it, and that I was a certified Office Supply Hoarder. The thing about home offices is, they’re often hidden behind closed doors. And since they aren’t part of the main

Oct 14 2014
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Living room tour & Tips for staying organized, even with kids.

A bright, fun, kid-friendly living room tour, and tips for making yours into a place you love.

You have been asking me to share more of my home with you, so that you can see how the things I homemaking methods and techniques I talk about look in action. I share a bit of this stuff on my Instagram account (say hi on IG if you follow me over there!), but I’m happy to

Real-Life Garage Organizing Ideas

A garage can easily be a Last Holdout. Ours definitely was. What’s a Last Holdout? Those are the spaces that stay messy, unsorted, disorganized, basically unusable long after the rest of the house is under control. Our garage used to be lined with boxes of things to sell at a future yard sale, totes full of

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