How and Why I started a morning productivity hour, and how it helped me find FREEDOM. Every homemaker needs this in her life.

This is a guest post by Christina Nelson, a collage artist, crafty dabbler, and my mom. Do you have a story or tips to share with So Damn Domestic readers? I open my eyes… which admittedly takes a while… and I reach for my iPad, first thing. PINTEREST. And I browse through art technique videos

How I escaped a meltdown and organized my kitchen

To save money, I started visiting my local health food store and bought EVERYTHING in bulk. Almond meal, coconut flour, chia seeds, oats, every type of nut you can imagine…I even scooped up a ridiculous amount of loose leaf green tea in there. The downside of my penny-saving bulk buying? Pantry chaos.

Painting With a Smaller Brush: What my Toddler's Artwork Taught Me About Homemaking

A closer look at my toddler’s artwork made me see the beauty in my smallest homemaking efforts. Not every brush stroke will be perfect. Not every attempt will be a masterpiece. But the process is beautiful.

3 time-saving kitchen hacks, using things you probably already own!

This is a guest post by Barbara Fernandez, the Raw Rock Chick. Do you have a story or tips to share with So Damn Domestic readers? I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I pass the ‘convenience food’ aisle in the supermarket (aka frozen ready-meals), I often catch myself smiling (smugly, if I’m honest).

How I simplified my entire life in two weeks. Amazing story!

A teacher from South Carolina had to make a decision: Move overseas, or have a baby? Either way, some simplifying was in order. Here’s how she did it in just 2 weeks.

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