4 Reasons You NEED to garden with your kids. Gardening is rewarding and educational, but it has even more benefits than you probably realize!

Gardening is fun, and it is work. And you absolutely should do it with your kids. Here are 4 reasons you NEED to garden with your kids.

Sweet potato soup recipe for the instant pot - stovetop directions also included. Paleo, grain-free, gluten-free. This creamy soup is perfect for a quick winter dinner.

When we get home we are cold, tired, and hungry. So I start work on my soup.
Here is my recipe for Sweet Potato Soup that has been a success every time.

Are you overwhelmed with all of your "to dos"? Declutter your hobbies and take back your joy!

Hobbies can be great, but they can also drain us. Here’s how to declutter your hobbies and take back the life you love.

Painting With a Smaller Brush: What my Toddler's Artwork Taught Me About Homemaking

A closer look at my toddler’s artwork made me see the beauty in my smallest homemaking efforts. Not every brush stroke will be perfect. Not every attempt will be a masterpiece. But the process is beautiful.

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