The Glass Storage Containers that changed my (kitchen) life.

I thought I would be in kitchen bliss when I changed to glass food storage containers. I was wrong. The old ones I had were totally lame. Then I found the BEST glass food storage containers, and my (kitchen) life changed.

15 minute tidy - how to organize kitchen spices and herbs

This post contains affiliate links. So, you’re in the kitchen, cooking, and you reach over to your spices to grab the garlic powder… and… can you grab it? Or are you digging through cinnamon, cumin, and coriander to find it? Do you have spices clogging up the works? Herbs you haven’t used in years? Bottles

My #1 Kitchen Organizing Tip (Plus, the no-holds-barred, open-cabinets TOUR)

I loved this kitchen. It was huge, bright, open… the granite countertops let me put hot things down on them or cut directly on them without worrying for their safety. There was plenty of room for my kids to pull step stools over to help me with food prep, or they could work on activities

How I escaped a meltdown and organized my kitchen

To save money, I started visiting my local health food store and bought EVERYTHING in bulk. Almond meal, coconut flour, chia seeds, oats, every type of nut you can imagine…I even scooped up a ridiculous amount of loose leaf green tea in there. The downside of my penny-saving bulk buying? Pantry chaos.

3 time-saving kitchen hacks, using things you probably already own!

This is a guest post by Barbara Fernandez, the Raw Rock Chick. Do you have a story or tips to share with So Damn Domestic readers? I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I pass the ‘convenience food’ aisle in the supermarket (aka frozen ready-meals), I often catch myself smiling (smugly, if I’m honest).

Check out my guest post at Extraordinary Mommy about how to never run out of ideas for your kids’ lunches. Ever. It’s my step-by-step guide to figuring out what to feed the kids in general, getting them involved so they have a sense of ownership, and how to use the system on a daily basis to

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