39 weeks – We’re ready for her!

This is the week my midwife is on vacation, so as ready as we are to meet our little girl, I’m okay with her taking her time for now. Just hanging in there… enjoying my time with my husband, cooking good food (but being lazy about posting recipes — sorry! I have been taking notes and photos though, so they WILL be blogged), and soaking up the sun…

There are worse ways to wait, I’m sure! Everything is going well.

Week 39 copy

38 Weeks, and Staying Patient (Pregnancy Iced Tea)

Pregnancy iced tea:

  • Heat 4 cups of water.
  • Throw in 3 bags of Red Raspberry Leaf tea.
  • Throw in 1 bag of other tea (I did peppermint, then green chai, and tonight’s is green tea + some lemon slices) for variety
  • Dump in 3 packets of Truvia
  • Let steep several minutes.
  • Remove tea bags, and pour tea into a pitcher.
  • Add plenty of ice.
  • Put in the fridge overnight.
  • Enjoy the next day, over ice. Delicious, refreshing tea.

My midwife told me to drink 3 cups of Red Raspberry Leaf tea a day to “tone the uterus.” I don’t know if that works or not, but the iced tea has been very refreshing and has been nice to drink throughout the day — always a good idea to stay hydrated anyway! And if it makes contractions more efficient and labor faster, that would be a nice bonus!

Week 38 copy

37 Weeks – and full term!

So now she’s allowed to come whenever she wants, because we’ve reached “full term” — woo hoo! So she could be born tomorrow or in another 5 weeks. Kind of a long time frame when you think about it… I’m hoping she comes before I become an angry/frustrated pregnant lady saying things like, “Have I ever NOT been pregnant in my life?” or “I’m just going to be pregnant forever.” Right now I’m a bit uncomfy and feeling like I’ve run out of room in my body, but other than that, hanging in there.

I’m kind of in a daze though — I feel like I have hundreds of things to do, but can’t focus on any of them. Makes the days go by in a blur.

Also, I am SO thankful for these dresses that I have! They’re not maternity dresses — just knit dresses I bought a couple years ago from Forever21, but the empire waist is perfect for pregnancy, and they are so lightweight and cool — and sleeveless. I have a blue one, green, purple, and pink. I wear them a LOT. Though I have to admit, through most mornings I wander around in my underwear and maybe a t-shirt I stole from my husband, or a tank-top. It’s just so hot and my body is so big… clothes just aren’t high on my list of priorities right now.

Week 37 copy

Really looking forward to soaking in my kiddie pool tomorrow! — that is, after a lunch date with a friend. Mmm…cheeseburgers.

To My Sweet Baby at 36 Weeks

Does this mean I’m now “9 months pregnant”? I’m 9 lunar months out of 10… and at the end of this week she’ll be “full term” and “allowed” to make her arrival! So if someone asks, do I say 8 months or 9?

Today I just said “three and a half weeks left!”

But really I know she could take 5 or even 6 weeks to arrive… if she’s stubborn.

I hope she decides to come sooner than that though. I can’t wait to meet her, to kiss her little cheeks, and pet her soft back while we snuggle. Oh, and it would be nice to have a bit of relief from these back aches and having to pee constantly, too. But mostly the excited-about-baby part.

Week 36 copy

Dear Baby – Week 35 love note to my fetus

So, today I set up the camera and tripod, and all of a sudden it was like this blank wall in our house was the most exciting thing in the world. The dog came and posed (totally on her own) awkwardly looking like some sort of deranged furby, while my husband peeked in like a strange sea bird or something. I thought it was pretty hilarious that everyone wanted to join in, so I went ahead and snapped a picture with my remote. Isn’t this a fantastic family photo?


After that I took real pictures, and even though it took me a while to edit them (I keep having to stop and stretch my back. Sitting in a chair for very long just doesn’t work well these days!) … here it is! Baby note, Week 35. Maybe next week I’ll catch up another day and get week 36 done on Monday. (These are really supposed to happen on Saturdays. Whoops!)

Week 35 copy

Week 33 Pregnancy photos and note

This week a friend helped me install the car seat in our little red car… tight fit but it works! I kept squealing imagining putting our baby girl in it and taking her home. Very exciting!

I love the “front” picture this week because it looks like I’m just a normal not-pregnant girl with a big circle fake belly stuck on the front. So funny looking!

I feel like I’m getting REALLY big — everything inside me is squished at this point. I know that our baby girl is growing too — her movements are so strong!

Week 33 copy