How and Why I started a morning productivity hour, and how it helped me find FREEDOM. Every homemaker needs this in her life.

This is a guest post by Christina Nelson, a collage artist, crafty dabbler, and my mom. Do you have a story or tips to share with So Damn Domestic readers? I open my eyes… which admittedly takes a while… and I reach for my iPad, first thing. PINTEREST. And I browse through art technique videos

Painting With a Smaller Brush: What my Toddler's Artwork Taught Me About Homemaking

A closer look at my toddler’s artwork made me see the beauty in my smallest homemaking efforts. Not every brush stroke will be perfect. Not every attempt will be a masterpiece. But the process is beautiful.

3 Types of Clutter You've Stopped Noticing - And How to Fix IT

You’ve decluttered a ton, but things still seem cluttered. This is why. Find out what the 3 Types of Clutter You’ve Stopped Noticing are & how to fix them.

Decluttering? 3 *Different* Questions to Ask Yourself

You’ve decided to declutter. You’re ready to go. The kids are napping, at school, or at the park with their dad. You’ve emptied your drawers or cabinets in whatever room you chose to go through first, and right now all you see is STUFF. But you’re motivated. Motivated to cut through the crap and only

How I simplified my entire life in two weeks. Amazing story!

A teacher from South Carolina had to make a decision: Move overseas, or have a baby? Either way, some simplifying was in order. Here’s how she did it in just 2 weeks.

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