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Jen at I Heart Organizing has such a HAPPY blog and her attitude goes right along with it. I love following her on Instagram and reading her blog posts, and I’m so grateful that she gave me the opportunity to share some tips on simplifying with her readers.

simplify these three things now

If you’ve been meaning to declutter and simplify, or if you’re on that path now, it’s probably because you’ve realized that excess is not just taking up space in your home.  Far from it.  It also sucks up any extra time you might have.  (And who really has “extra” time?  Not me.)

When you spend time washing extra things, moving things around to get to other items you need more, and organizing and reorganizing stuff you never have time to actually use, there’s not much time for anything else.

And I know you want that time back.

You don’t just want it back.  You need it back.  Because that’s the time you’re supposed to be using to make wonderful memories with your family, to pursue your dreams, to take care of yourself, and to engage in your favorite down-time activities. 

So it’s time to pare down a bit.  Here are some things you can simplify NOW (whether it’s a block of time this weekend, or a little bit each day) so that you’ll be able to stop wasting time and have a few more hours for what’s really important in life.

Read the rest at I Heart Organizing… Three Things to Simplify NOW to Save Time Everyday

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