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I love love love that my kids’s school does wonderful and educational things with them every day. It takes a lot of pressure off of me as a mom, and frees me up to do other things with them like read dozens of books, go to the park, and – one of my kids’ favorites – DO ART PROJECTS.

So this week, we decided to make a pretty Valentine’s canvas for their playroom, that can stay up all year. My kids really love looking at art that they’ve created and declaring, “I’m the artist! I made that!”

So I wanted something that would last. I decided against doing a project on paper, and went for something a bit more permanent on canvas. This project also gave us a great chance to use up some of the (tons of) random craft materials we’ve somehow acquired over the years.

Are you ready to get started?

Valentine canvas art project for kids. My preschooler and kindergartener had so much fun doing this!

Valentine Canvas Art Project for Kids

Step 1: Paint the canvas’s edges.

This is a little trickier, so I did it myself beforehand. I painted the canvas’s edges black, so that it would give the project a sort of “framed” look once it was hanging up.

Step 2: Blob paint on the top.

I put blobs of pink, red, and white paint all over the top of the canvas. This can result in some really cool swirls and textures once the kids use their brushes.

Step 3: Have kids paint!

At first, things started out looking really cool – lots of swirls and texture going on. But my kids decided to keep going beyond that stage – they wanted a more uniform look, so they worked together to blend everything into a pretty, vibrant dark pink color. They cheered when they were finished.

Step 4: Clean up and let it dry.

You’re done for now! Clean up the area and let your paint dry until tomorrow. I picked up some Clorox Disinfecting Wipes with Micro scrubbers for crafts like this, so that I wouldn’t get paint on my reusable cleaning cloths. The scrubby texture was perfect for getting the paint off of the table!

Step 5: Pick out “goodies” for the canvas.

My kids helped me go through our craft materials and pick out everything that was red, pink, and silver (and they threw in a little bit of purple too). We ended up with jewels, pailettes, little and crocheted flowers. Tons of stuff to keep them busy.

Step 6: Sketch a design on the canvas.

I outlined 3 hearts with red permanent marker on the canvas (one for each kiddo – the big kids and the baby). Then, I told the kids they’d be decorating on the OUTSIDES of the hearts, so that the hearts will just show the paint they did, with all sorts of exciting stuff decorating the rest of the canvas.

Step 7: Glue on the goodies.

I gave my kids each a bottle of glue, and they went to town! They glued ALL of the goodies we had picked out onto the canvas, and it looked awesome! Then we went back to our craft materials and found some red and silver glitter glue, and a little vial of pink glitter. They filled in the blank space they still had, until they were satisfied.

The hands-down best way to clean up glitter. No more craft herpes!

Step 8: Clean up again.

Those Clorox wipes saved me again. Joey had been using the table as a napkin to wipe his glittery-gluey hands so it was smeared with half-dry glue. The scrubby texture got the glue up with no problem, AND – as I had hoped – really “locked away” the glitter so it was easier to clean up without getting it everywhere. No more glitter lurking and sticking around forever! Some of the craft mess had gotten on the walls around the craft table, and I used the wipes on the walls too, with no problem.Yay!

Step 9: Let dry and display.

We let our goodies and glitter dry onto the canvas overnight before I hung it on the wall. It looks awesome, and the kids are super proud of it!

Want to do this project with your kids? Pin the picture below to save it so you won’t forget!

We’re going to do a greens-and-yellows St. Patrick’s Day one next, with a big four leaf clover! Can’t wait!

Valentine canvas - art project for kids - fun and easy DIY for preschoolers and kindergarteners.

The awesome Clorox disinfecting wipes with microscrubbers are available at Target by the way, and you should totally pick up a package of them for messy crafts like this!

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5 Comments on Valentine Canvas – Art Project for Kids

  1. Jamie says:

    How fun!! It’s always great to work on projects that will mean so much!! Thank you for sharing with us at the #HomeMattersParty

  2. Love this fun Valentine’s Art idea! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity at the The DIY Collective this week! Please come back next week to show off your latest project!

    Have an awesome week!
    ~ Ashley

  3. Nicole says:

    What a simple and adorable idea for kids! It would make for some adorable Valentine’s Day decorations for around the house. This is one project we may just have to try. I am also always on the lookout for easier ways to pick up glitter, we love using it in projects but it sure is a pain to pick up. Have a blessed week!!

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