I can’t believe it’s June and that it is definitely possible that our baby could be born THIS MONTH. It’s getting closer and closer, and I know it’s really up to our little girl when she arrives… wonder what she has in mind.

Week 34 copy

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12 Comments on Week 34 – Dear Baby – Pregnancy Pictures and Note

  1. Krystyn says:

    You look fabulous. And, I love your letters with the pictures. What a great keepsake for your little girl.

  2. Baby says:

    dear mommy,
    yes i am moving furniture in here. there's plenty of room
    i tried moving the sofa to the “back-end” but there seems to be a large, stick like object lodged quite far up here so logistically it's just not possible.

    Please excuse my wiggling, you must understand how restless i am being stuck somewhere when your mom sits around, types out really bad recipes and sits on yelp and urbanspoon all day, assuming their opinions mean anything.

    One day I hope to travel the lands, all the greatest cities, settle in a small town and speak of my tales to the locals. My unique brand of elitism will shine like the rising of a hundred suns. I will then create a blog, where i can share my stories to even more people who don't care, and all the people i know and love will pat me on the back and whisper in my ear, “good job …. good job”

    Your baby.

  3. Amber says:

    You are glowing. Your hair is beautiful as well, it looks so healthy. 🙂 The final countdown is on! Hope the last weeks go well, and labor is fast! <3

  4. JoyfulAbode says:

    Thank you Mamatha! 🙂

  5. JoyfulAbode says:

    Thanks Ashley . 🙂

  6. JoyfulAbode says:

    aw thanks!

  7. yayanana says:

    That is the most perfect little baby bump the world haas ever seen

  8. Ashley says:

    I love your outfit in the picture. Very cute!

  9. Mamatha says:

    You look gorgeous girl, very classy! Black IS your color. And you still don't look all that pregnant in the first picture.

  10. JoyfulAbode says:

    Thank you Mamatha! 🙂

  11. JoyfulAbode says:

    Thank you Mamatha! 🙂

  12. JoyfulAbode says:

    Thanks Ashley . 🙂

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