I always say about diaper bags and baby carriers that it’s the MOM’s accessory, not the baby’s. So I avoid “baby prints” and pastels, which have never been my thing. Why would I want to carry a diaper bag that says “It’s a boy!” with blue teddy bears and balloons on it?

My current big purse/diaper bag is a a “day tripper” bag in a print I personally enjoy. I have a smaller bag that’s a brown super-soft-leather purse, but it also works great as a short-trip diaper bag when I need it to.

Besides looks, here are some things I want in a diaper bag:

  • Lots of pockets, but EXTERNAL ones more than internal ones. My day tripper bag has a large internal compartment (which I use for actual diapers/training pants, my changing pad, etc.), but it also has two easily accessed side pockets that can hold a lot. I typically use one for Anneliese’s snacks and the other for myself — my water cup, sunglasses, whatever. It has one front pocket that I use for my phone and wallet — things I need to access frequently and/or quickly.
  • A strap length that is comfortable for me to throw over my shoulder. A lot of people prefer messenger-bag styling, but with the amount of babywearing I do, that never seems as useful or as comfortable to me.
  • A D-ring on the outside of the bag. I have my keys on a carabiner and always clip them onto the outside of the bag immediately upon taking them out of the ignition, so that I don’t lose them. I spent SO MUCH TIME digging through my big bags looking for my keys before I developed this habit. This is definitely a must-have diaper bag feature for me.

But I see so many people with different types of diaper bags that work great for them. So I’m curious — what’s YOUR ideal diaper bag? What seals the deal and what’s a deal-breaker? Do you consider the bag to be your accessory or your baby’s? Have you developed any little habits or tricks (like my key-carabiner trick) you’d like to share

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6 Comments on What’s Your Ideal Diaper Bag?

  1. Jasmyn says:

    I like the Twinneroo. I have twins and a toddler though. Its huge and of great quality. Its also a neutral khaki. http://twinneroo.com

  2. My diaper bag is by Matt & Nat and I LOVE it. I had wanted a bag by Matt & Nat for a few years but could never justify spending over $100 (which is stupid, for something that lasts for years – Carry it every day for a year and it’s less than a dollar per day). Fast-forward and I saw a bunch of bags on a flash sale site while I was pregnant. I had settled on a bag and was looking over the details when I noticed that it included a changing pad… It was only then that I realized I had unknowingly chosen a diaper bag! I considered it fate and placed my order. It is a solid teal color and is chic enough that if I carry it around without my kid in tow, it wouldn’t stand out as being a diaper bag. I agree, diaper bags with kid stuff all over them make no sense – It’s not the baby who carries it! – and I’m glad to see those are becoming a lot less common. Petunia Picklebottom (sp) bags and similar styles really seem to be the new trend.

  3. Amy says:

    Queen Bee Creations from Portland, Oregon! Versatile, sturdy, big enough, great changing pad, adjustable strap, waterproof, and cute neutral designs. http://chickpeababy.queenbee-creations.com/items?category_id=52

  4. Anna says:

    We were given a basic black diaper bag (rerun) that has worked out extremely well. It’s not very large, but fits everything we need easily (for a baby – have some time before I discover what I need for a toddler diaper bag). One large interior space with a few interior side pockets (which I like for keeping things organized) and that compartment zips up (necessary for me). It also has a ring which I automatically clip my keys to. It also has two outside pockets that don’t zip but hold stuff fairly well which I like because I can slide my phone and wallet into the bag but still have easy access.

  5. Shannon says:

    I have a friend that makes custom bags/diaper bags, and once upon a time we lived right around the corner from her. I did some babysitting for her, and in exchange she made me an amazing bag. It has everything I needed – a large outside pouch on the back for my notebook/calendar, pockets on either side (outside) for sippy cup/water bottle, and inside there are actually 6 pockets, 2 long ones on front and back each, and then one shorter one on either end (opposite the outside ones) for other things. the front is embroidered with a pattern of fabric I loved in an S (the fabric was the same as the inside fabric) and the outside is a very sturdy canvas/duck fabric. The straps fit perfectly on my shoulder. I LOVE it! I’ve used it now for 3 children, and it’s still going strong. I love that when I spill something in it, I can throw it in the washing machine. She now sells the same bags on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/shop/heatherdanielorr and specializes in making Military bags. Love it!! Sorry, long comment about my favorite bag! And it’s very un child looking. 🙂

  6. I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag and I love it because it just looks like an awesome huge purse. It has the perfect pockets for me to use both inside and outside. I also love that it has a clip for me to attach my keys so I don’t lose them (which I am known for).

    I am also getting a Maxwell Design Cosmetic case which can also be used as a small purse, but I am going to put anything that is MINE (lip gloss, money, cards, my lunette cup when I need it again, ect.) so I can access it easily in my diaper bag.

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