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Super Simple Skillet Apples Recipe

Quick and Easy Skillet-Fried Apples (NO Sugar)

Super-simple Skillet Apples with no added sugar, in an ooey gooey sauce made through the miracle of caramelization.
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Side
Cuisine American
Author Emily Chapelle @ Joyful Abode


  • Lots of apples 7 pictured here
  • t Butter don' be afraid
  • Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin pie seasoning mix or other spices you want to include
  • Vanilla extract or Vanilla bean paste


  1. Peel and cut your apples. Sometimes I do slices like this. Other times I cube them. It doesn't matter.
  2. Heat your skillet on high.
  3. Add your apples and top with butter. Don't touch for a couple of minutes. Wait for the apples to get a little bit crisp on the bottoms.
  4. Stir/flip the apples around, and let new parts get a little bit brown/crisp.
  5. Stir/flip again and turn the heat down to medium low. Now you're just going to let the caramelization happen.
  6. Add cinnamon and other spices at any time. I like to do it a few times while the apples cook, after stirring/flipping.
  7. Keep stirring/flipping every 5 minutes or so.
  8. When the buttery/caramelized-apple-juice-y sauce thickens and the apples are soft, you'll know your apples are finished.
  9. Splash in a little vanilla extract or add a dash of vanilla bean paste toward the end.
  10. Don't forget to let them cool a little before you dig in!

Recipe Notes

Note: You can leave the peels on if the apples are organic, but I don't love the texture when the apples shrink but the peels don't as much... so I'd leave them out even then, too.